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The Story of Dream 100 Done For You

Dream 100 Done For You was born from a vision Paul St-Jacques had—inspired by the late great Chet Holmes and his Dream 100 strategy—to provide a high-value, impactful service doing what he excels at: Strategizing the quickest and most effective ways to grow businesses.

His marketing campaigns have sold millions of dollars worth of products and services. Most notably, while working with a real estate company, his campaigns facilitated its growth from a small startup to $15 million in revenue within 2 short years.

Bringing Samantha Demers on board as a co-founder was a no-brainer. Her background in administration, corporate events and presentations made her the perfect fit to own the client service and relationship aspect of the business.

Working with your spouse doesn’t work for everyone, but when your daily chit-chats are filled with strategizing how random businesses can market, grow and expand optimally, just for fun, you know launching an agency that specializes in that is exactly the right direction.

Because when you do what fascinates you, you’re never bored 🙂

“A rare combination of technological know-how and a mind for creative marketing strategies. Paul knows how to execute well crafted and complex plans.”

Jason Campbell
Head of PR & Business Development, Mindvalley

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“I love working with Paul. He’s got such a well rounded understanding of marketing in general, both online and offline. He’s very detailed and has an amazing handle of sales funnels and how to optimize them for maximum ROI. There is not one area of marketing that I can think of that Paul would not be able to help in… From ads to copy, to setting up, to execution. From start to finish he can do it all. If you have the opportunity to work with him, jump on it!”

George Rivera
2x Media Group

2x Media Group

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